Monday, September 28, 2009

post 19: i hate this fucking city.... and barbwire dildos.

Dear Diary,

Today was spent for the most part chilling with my dearest Tora, she’s taken to being a guardian quite well, she makes a comment about catnip making felines want to take it in the arse… wellllll ill have to try that out!

Anyway near the evening we meet Blueray by the weapons, im still in a bad mood really from Monday and I just get madder and madder as she hammers on and on, about the FUN the shadows like to have… I decide to just leave and goto the psyc ward in the hospital and sit in one of the padded rooms, these places are funny for me, they hold such fucking bad memories, yet they are the most silent and let you gather your throughts so well, I start to rock on the edge of my own insanity

I fucking hate this city…
I fucking hate this city…
I fucking hate this city…
I fucking hate this city…
I fucking hate this city…
I fucking hate this city…
I fucking hate this city…
I fucking hate this city…
I fucking hate this city…

I repeat over and over its like a fucking mantra to me, then I hear her, she’s found me, Blueray, again with her A…fucking…gain I think to myself, why wont she leave me alone, she talks through the grate to me, and if im being honest I was expecting her to lock me in and walk but she says shes suffered too, I motion her in and tell her to sit, and she does. I’ve seen the spring in her step and a glint in her eye, ever since she returned home, she seems truly happy for being back in the house.

She tells me of her family, her twin brother and her life before tox, I offer her a chocolate bar I was saving for Calleigh in case she was hungry again, she looks shocked when I do this but eats it any way.

Diary there is a moment in battle, where the monsters your fighting for a brief moment become human, The Nazis and the Allies playing football on Xmas day shit like that, this moment when she was telling me of her past I saw a different Miss Darkes, Shes been fucked by this city …. HARD…. The stuff that has happened to her, the darkness that has tainted her, you want the truth diary, I like blueray, not in a eww lets catch a movie and make out kind of way, I think like is the wrong word actually, I respect? Blueray, I Understand? Blueray. I really don’t know.

She loves her family, and for good reason, they have saved her over and over and over, of course she loves them….and ive found the word… I RESPECT that.

**Martko walks home and walks into the apartment, pesti is zonked out on the sofa, he shakes his head and puts his coat over her to make sure shes not cold. He smiles … as he goes into his room and closes the door, his head hits the pillow and out he goes, the scene shifts to a purple hazey vision, Martko is seen walking up the stairs of the pit, slowly each foot fall resonating around like a hammer on a bell, he gets to the top and a dark cloaked figure is standing there. The Figure begins “ Swoooordss.. such a pleasure…what brings you here ?” Martko looks up “you know what ive come for Demon… Let me pass, im taking her back …” he goes to move past the figure but is stopped by it, and pushed off the steps.

 martko impacts the concrete below as the dark figure leaps through the air landing on top of him, its hood flops back to reveal bluerays face, mart struggles underneath her as she raises a hand and jams it into his gut she leans down as a black ichor starts to run over his body engulfing him, as the blackness moves into his mouth the last thing Martko hears is .. “Embrace the darkness” blue pulls her hand out of him and licks his blood off her hand .
Martko Bolts up right in bed.. “holy fuck shit…” his face and body covered in sweat.. he falls back looking at his door, he puts both hands over his eyes… and just lies there not wanting to sleep again ..

Post 18: The inner beast?!

Dear Diary,

So Anyhow I get up and me and Collin decide to go crazy loco, we start running around Shaynee Xi from the shadows, being all well, mental. She goes inside and we decide to crip on the Pit roof. We dance, we have a laugh its good just to let go.

We grab a crate of beanie babies… pink elephant beanies to be exact, so we take the create to the bottom of the pit stairs, Shay appears at the top and we hide it, Who knows what we were going to do with those beanies, but were caught red handed Collin vanishes, and leaves me too it.

I create Shay a flower, she seems appreciative of it, Mikayla doesn’t and storms off in a huff, Me and Shay exchange pleasantries till Vitalia appears behind me, the fallen angel who poisoned me to teach me a lesson when I was a feline… A LESSON, oh my god, it gets me mad just thinking about it. It makes me laugh it does, really that they hold all other life in disregard apart from the houses?! What the fuck…. Fuck it any how… Im invited into the pit… Well this is a new one on me, shay invites me in and Mikayla is dangling from some device in the ceiling, she sees me and gets all huffy again and walks off; don’t know what I have done to her but meh im sure shell get over it.

So im in the PIT! It smells, and its hot, not the ideal place, shadows start to surround me, Brianna is the first to join the circle, diary she truly scares the shit out of me, quite literally she is insane to the point that im sure if she put her mind to it she could warp the very fabric of reality around her, quick note not to fuck with her just yet. The Kashgari bops in, Drake, it’s a who’s who of shadows, Shay talks to me about my inner beast they all keep going on about it, they want me to let go, they want me to Go wild, 2 shadows have seen my rage, Blueray and Lumi

--There is a whole paragraph scribbled out, the words not legible at all—

Shay keeps trying to touch me, I fucking hate that, why do they feel the need to touch me, I don’t care for they’re touch I hate the connection I hate the feeling, but obviously she has some sort of deficiency and keeps try, I finally let her and she touches my cheek, she drones on about the shadows finally taking over the city, yeah more fun for me to be honest, bring it on. Shay gives me one week to make a decision I have no idea what that decision is, to release my ‘inner beast’ to join them? Do they not realise that I won’t, that I really am not interested in they house, it doesn’t tempt me in the slightest, but they won’t listen, so here’s a brick wall, keep bashing your head against it.

I DJ later that day and Calleigh and Tikamu the prowler drops by, Tikas a Solid person, some one has taken her eye, I ask if I can be of assistance she declines my offer, then I hand Calleigh a note.

Elemental, monster you are not…..i understand….

She goes very mad I don’t know why, I see now how her life was when she was back a human... Tora arrives and the situation bubbles down … when I finish my set I goto bed……….. Sleep…. Even my sleep is invaded by darkness… regret… and…. Cheese on toast… MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Post 17: Dance,sit or fuck off.

Dear Diary,

Why don’t I just step off, why don’t I just step off the ledge and let the beast that dwells within out, seems like it’s the popular choice nowadays. There is a reason I won’t turn, I have control and I have focus, the ramblings on the shadows, is just that ramblings. They Walk around claiming they’re free but they far from free, you know what they are like they’re like a cult…. But yeah ‘free’ you know what pisses me off they’re like a light is to a moth, new people come to the city and flock en masse to this already huge faction, but we carry. I. Carry on cause it is all I can do.

So yeah I had Beans on toast today, one of the many luxuries Angus brings me from the mainland when he drops off new arrivals, I opened the can and let the beans hit the pan there was an instant sizzle, pesti came out wearing a shirt that was about a million sizes too big but it looked good, she asked if she could steal some, I said she could, she ate in her room, I ate on the balcony, watching the world walk by below me. I fucking love stuff ‘on toast’.

I went on Ktox today, and just started mouthing off, I had my beer I had my bro and my girl and we had a good time, it’s been … quiet in the family everyone just keeping themselves to themselves. I do it for attention, the Ktox thing people love listening and I love entertaining them, I Bash the shadows on purpose when in Ktox HQ I know one or more will come and give it the big un. I LOVE it, Kaira and Blueray come in after having become shadows.

Kaira Diesel, that made me somewhat sad, i…. I hate seeing her dancing to they’re beat, but she has made her choice. She starts to speak to collin, trys to attack him, I tell them that its enough “Dance, sit or fuck off!” I say, I cant be dealing with the shit im still not right about Monday, but fuck it.

Blueray Darkes, she was happy drinking dancing, all smiley that she is now back where she belongs, I really don’t care, she can do what she likes I have no time for shadows, bar Pestilence.

So Kaira states that she is going to fuck Collin up after my set and so I decide to text her telling her to leave it and I will try and look out for her prowlers. She smiles at this and sends me a text. She has not fallen all the way, just from reading her reply I won’t put it in these pages out of respect, but I believe she … well.. Fuck it I don’t know … well see.

I sort out the collin/kaira situation and head home; I put my head on the pillow and out I go… cheese on toast tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

post 16: fucking... shadows.

Dear Diary,

Today may be up there as one of the hardest days ive have ever had in Toxia, I awake to find that there has been a message placed in the church on the wall in blood and surprise, surprise it was the lord of shadow … Pieter who had penned it. So anyhow he is demanding Pilgrim be brought to him by the end of the day. Well suffice to say it didn’t happen and the shadows descended en masse to the church.

No I love insurmountable odds situations the few versus the many but fuck me, they brought everyone and they’re dog and there were 6 of us. Any how there was some smack talking, and Pieter and Pilgrim went upstairs, Pieter came back down dragging pill stopping to give Jules a soul shard and thanking her. Pilgrim was lashed to the cross and whipped brutally.

I don’t have the fight in me anymore diary I don’t think…. I don’t think I can go on, I said it before this city doesn’t want a hero, some one to try and fight back the shadows. I’ve book at ticket on the next ferry back to the mainland…… im done.

**The camera pans through the city, towards the harbour, Martko is seen standing there with his bag preparing to board the now docking ferry, it slowly comes to a halt and new arrivals to toxia he looks around and sees them talking. ‘I hear there’s this superhero group called the righteous’ the little bright eyed neko says Martko Smirks to himself and whispers ‘heroes’ and shakes his head he slowly walks up the ramp and greets the fat captain of the ferry ‘ Angus’ the captain replies ‘ Maaarrrtkoo why aren’t you on Ktox I love listening to that on the mainland friend..’ Martko shakes his head ‘im done Angus, im going home’ Angus doesn’t reply merely regards the wolf. Martko Turns and looks at toxia and closes his eyes, there is a scream from the night … ‘Help me ….. Heeeeellppp’ The bright eyed neko calls from behind the weapons shop… Martko doesn’t move, Angus turns around ‘not going to help … hero?’ Martko closes his eyes tighter, Angus moves forward and places a hand on Marts shoulder ‘Ko. The strongest of faith is tested in this city, are you going to give up, are you going to let them win ?’ Mart snaps around and then erupts into the sky leaping with his bag on his back, the screams do continue but now they are male voices and theyre are spliced with roaring and the sounds of battle, it all dies down and a lone voice is heard.. ‘ Names Martko Righteous knight… Welcome to toxia miss’

The Camera pans to Angus’ face his eyes start to glow green as his voice takes on a duality a womans superimposed on his own

‘its not time for you too leave yet Martko Swords, your destiny awaits’
Angus turns around his normal voice returns


*fade to black*

post 15: Elemental, monster

Dear diary

Sunday was a slow day; the only thing of real note was that I had a vision come to me while training with Tora. It was a vision of a red headed girl, being experimented on I recognise her as Calleigh, they really did a number on her. I remember the tag they use for her …. Elemental, monster……Monster… the people on the mainland use that word a lot to describe those which are different. It’s what the nurse used to call me at cramps. Anyhow as I said Sunday was slow. Catch you later.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Post 14: The Room

Dear Diary,

I did my rounds today and yesterday and everything went swimmingly, i ran around in my wolf form . God i love it, the wind through my fur, the reaction of people, the pure primal freedom i feel, I bound around the city watching listening, my senses enhanced my massive paws clacking and chittering on the concrete,  i speak to the Ryders, they are frightened untill i start to talk using the collar the coven gave me.  They are safe so i leave, i check on the coven and Prowlers, making sure all are safe.

I hate slow days i get bored and explore finding a Padded room..................I cant do this.........i cant talk about cramps it makes me sick just thinking about it diary, i just sat in the room, hunched over gripping my thighs, waiting for the porters to come for me for the next session with the nurse... i hated that place they tried to break me, and .. well .. they did, i hated my feline self... i couldnt stand looking in the mirror.. EMO right? Fuck you Diary .... You try it sometime.

I leave and walk out side, roaring with all my heart in a hope the people still in cramps on the mainland will hear me and know there is a way to escape.  i hear movement behind me and see Calleigh, standing in the tunnel she looks weak i run to her and check shes ok, i take her to a hospital bed and she tries to attack me, feed on me, not good i am let go and we discuss some bits and bods and i leave.

Thats it really...oh and CRAMPS is the Crammound Mental institution i was transfered to when my wife and daughter was murdered.

So.. cheese on toast for breakfast tomorrow... yumm.. i suppose.

Post 13 : Friday Night Freak OUT

Dear Diary,

So friday rolled around and i was in a bit of a good mood, so i wandered down to the Ktox HQ, Blue was on so i thourght i would pop in and say hello.  Anyhow got there and there were a LOT of people there, Quiet, Kaira, Celestra, Calleigh and a few others i didn't recognise. So i sat down and got to bantering.  All of a sudden, i felt really hot, i couldnt catch my breathe, my vision blurred and it felt like i was going to die, theres the thing death ....death comes to everyone eventually, but when its staring you in the face its hard to shake the feeling of weakness you have.

It was the same with Full moon just gone, my life ebbing away, the voice of my friends disappearing into the darkness.  Its like a blanket, you can feel it covering you, gently trying to close your eyes.......* theres a sentance scribbled out you cant make out**

fuckit... You know what is really strange, i could have sworn i heard kaira calling for a doctor, now that scared the shit out of me diary, concern from the Rites keeper of the prowlers, i never would have thourght it possible.  Calleigh Scans me and she says it looks like im cursed, Yeah figures.... but fuck it... no curse can hold me down, least i thourght it couldnt, i try an leave, my head still spinning i leap to the top of the apartments.. and land Hard, i Cant move.... Calleighs followed me and i try and crawl away from her to the edge looking over, she talks to me and i use my strength to stand roaring into the toxian sky, I WONT BE KEPT DOWN! YOU HEAR ME!! ** These words are writting hard scarrin the next 6 pages** Weakness, theres no time... too many people depend on me, i cant, i have to fight.

The Evening rolls around and the pack get frisky, and capture Joenta, i watch with niv as they circle her, Niv hisses a warning, to me not to interfere... I take out my phone and text Kaira, shes unblocked me .. WHAT THE FUCK.. ok .. .im scared now.... She tells me the situation but doesnt have a plan .. Kahlen is beaten in Combat by Hera.. and the prowlers start to barter, i try to help them now at Joentas side making sure shes ok, my rage builds, one sure fire way to get me mad is touch my friends.. i attack the wolf called Raiden and quickly i go down .... I tried.... but was left defeated. Tora helps me as well as a Kitten called Celestria.

i stand up and go to bed..

I hate being helpless, there are some killer fighters in this city.... i think its time to train dont you? Anyway diary i have one thing say... SHIGENGA!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Post 12 : its quiet.. too quiet

Dear Diary,

So I slept in late today, the bed was warm and nommy, I heard pestilence get up and go out early, no doubt up to something for her lord Pieter. So I get up and make myself breakfast, when I was on the mainland I grabbed some bits and bobs nothing totally amazing just bread and cheese. Mmmmm cheese on toast, damn that is some GOOD eats.

**there is a picture drawn roughly of a piece of toast with some cheese on top.**

So I walk downstairs, and the receptionist stops me, nice girl. Anyhow she says I have a package, I take it, it’s heavy, and open it … it’s a packed from a place called Chrysalis Labs…. Strange when I was working for Comtac Industries, chrysalis was a start up company. So I open the package and there a two blades inside crossed and covered with silk, I unwrap them and take a hold of them, they are freezing to the touch but weighted perfectly in my grasp, the receptionist tries to flirt with me asking if she could ‘grip my sword’.…. It gets tiresome sometimes, seems like every conversation must descend into this, which I don’t like at all, buutttt hey life goes on.

I Start my new patrol and walk around the city checking on the lesser factions, I talk to the riders, the little wolf is a fiery one, I make small talk and move onto the Coven, no one in the shop so I move onto the prowlers, they are …. Frisky… they are all high on catnip, Kaira Diesel starts running around me in circles, saying she wants to play, I DON’T, I have no desire to play with her, people ask me why I care about what happens to the prowlers, and I told joenta this later on in the day, they remind me of my baby girl, I have a soft spot for felines, I used to be one and my baby Jessie was one too, every time I see the fish Co. I want to see if they’re ok, out of some subconscious need or want to protect them, I couldn’t protect my family that night but I can help the prowlers now. So Kaira and Quiet talk to me about a few things, and I big them good day. I meet Niv by the park, she gives me my belt and we have another moment.

Back at the church I get a call from Nel saying she has a shadow to torture I go and see and its Kash, hes being mind controlled by Nel, so anyhow Niv arrives and Nel Tortures the SHIT out of this guy making him do all crazy stuff, in the end he gets strung up onto the cross. After the event I take him to the hospital, justice is served in my eyes and I make sure he is comfortable and leave.

The Evening roles around and tox is quiet, I do my second patrol of the day and run into Joe, she has a new look about her which is very nice, we talk for what seems like hours, her eyes still that lovely blue, they glitter in the night sky as she talks about how ive failed her as a friend, and diary I can honestly say I have failed her. When the righteous start on her I should be the first one to her defence, she makes point after point after point and I cant defend, she is right im a shit friend, so I make a Gesture a pinky promise to be there for her and her new family whenever they need me, she does the same just for me and not the righteous.

That’s pretty much it for today, Catch you tomorrow Diary.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Post 11 : Shadow into righteous

Dear Diary, 
Sorry i havent been around, i went to the mainland to handle some business that needed taking careof, anyhow its done so i am back and ready to rock. Sooooo, yesterday.... What can i say it was interesting... pilgrim has made one of the shadows think she's a righteous, shes done some stuff for us and they were looking to de collar the stranger. Her name is tan, and she used to be pieters pet. enough of that a moment, we had a training session with TC it was good even though tc's turn out was a bit lax, but it was made up for by the rest of the city So we had a good time, sparring talking in the heavy air. Watched blue fight Esso that was fun cause she lost, i laughed on the inside. TC are ok fighters, some of them needed some work but the righteous were helping them as requested as part of the deal. 
 I sit here on the deck by the beach, the toxic water lapping against it, my knee still aching from last night. Lets go back to that shall we, well jason arrives demanding 9 righteous to have batting practise on ... what a jackass, anyhow he blah blah blahs about bullshit, and pretty much 20 shadows descend upon the church at the front, through the hospital you know the score, theyre here for Tans collar we fight my nose gets broke and knee blown out by a bat hit. I see jason go to hit one of the crusaders i use all my force to get into the way. Have you ever been in a fight, have you ever had that knockout blow land on you, it has to be the most sicken moment in existance. Its a moment where you see the people around you still fighting as you fade to a horrid, horrid black... 
I awake to find the battle over, and people watching on, i think its bullshit how they come to watch the fight and just stand there watching good people have 10 bells of shit kicked out of them, but they are just fuckers really. An angel was strung up on the cross during the fight after we helped her down and i went to find tan. Tan was up in the attic, she was obviously distraught, i did my best to calm her down, she wants to know why they wanted her collar, and who her owner was. I only found out after the point that she was pieters pet. So much for family eh they were attacking her with a horrid vishciousness.... not even trying to help her bring her back to them. So anyhow ... its cold... im off see you tomorrow diary.

Monday, September 14, 2009

post 10: weekend of madness

Dear Diary,
The weekend was a long and boring on, I use the word boring a lot but in actuality it wasnt boring in fact it was as far from boring as one could get.... wow... I just refered to myself as 'one' Christ I need fresh air.
So... Where to start... oh! I know, I had a bike crash on saturday, that was fun, smashing headlong into a wall, is never fun, especially when you dont have a helmet on. Niv was showing me her bike when we lost control and smashed into a wall across the way from the fish co, I was knocked out cold and a few broken ribs, Niv seemed fine which is always good, shes one hard ass vampire. I was roughly dragged to the Vets.. I remember now, and I was healed up there... then I blacked out.
I awake to find myself in the shelter sitting in the rec room, the TV on infront of me, How the fuck did I get there... I have no fucking idea.... anyway Niv comes in and we have a moment... strange vamp that one cute but she can be VERY deadly.
My mind wasn't my own today, the food I had taken was driving me insane, the boundaries I had put in place shattered, and my mind unravelling slowly, Gaia barely took hold again and steered me to the correct way of thinking.
I had a conversation with Calleigh Constantine over the weekend, we discussed the old way of honouring things, discussed our other selves, theres something about her that makes me at ease when im around her.... I KNOW I KNOW DIARY... shes a demon, but as I said before, there are paths that we choose to walk and paths that are chosen for us. I hope …. well I do hope she has chosen the right path. I give her a Rose as a symbol of the moment, a token wrapped in my life energy to allow it to be sustained in this festering shit mire that is Tox.
**there is a sentence scribbled out... “weeeeeeeeeee IM. Coming.”
I dont know eversince that feed ive been feeling strange, seeing things, feeling things... im going to speak to someone about them soon enough. Speaking of mental, I spoke to Amanda on the weekend as well, she had some VERY wise words for me that allowed me to gain a deeper insight into vampires and the way they tick. Also it gave me a cracking shot of her ass the next time we talked, the outfits she selects are..... well nothings left to the imagination... but it that way.
So I went and met Blueray to get the new comms up and running, and it went well. We arrived and spoke all civilised and the like, we were handed the phones and thats, that. We took them back and they are snazzy, I took one apart at the apartment, as I said im not as stupid as people think, and I did used to work for a top flight scientific and weapons research facility on the mainland... but no one asks so I dont tell.
So there you have it diary, Shit happens again … w000t till next time..

LOL of the day(and ohhh how i loled.)
yeah guess so
im joining pack
fuck it
gonna go werewolf
and walk around with a tail in my ass
and bark and do doggy style all day

Post 9: Diner blues. (Dream)

**Martko walks into his apartment, takes off his clothes and crawls into his bed, he falls asleep almost instantly. The Scene shifts into black and white tones, a diner is seen, the scene is a standard American diner, Martko walks in a suit and hat and orders his standard, pancakes and syrup and sits down.

Then the sound ‘thud… thud….thud…. thud…’ Slowly the thuds came at first then started to build. The Scene starts to stutter, colour then black and white, the colour is present day tox Martko swaps from a pristine suit, to his dirty toxian clothes. The thuds grow louder and louder, darkness begins to surround the diner. Mart rises from his diner table, the present day coloured scene more prominent now as he walks to the door, there’s a dingaling of the bell it slices through the thuds like a banshee, the relentless thudding builds to a crescendo, then stops.

Martko balls his fists looking at the darkness then back at the patrons in the diner, all of them sitting or cowering from the black. Martko roars and leaps into the darkness, the roar is cut short, a deathly silence falls on the scene, the kind of silence that only happens when something has gone wrong, when something bad has happened. A figure bursts out of the darkness, mart is seen fighting something, a broiling black figure, mart tries to break away, but hands burst out and start grabbing as the Lycan is pulled back… with a roar. Mart Screams and sits up in his bed his heart racing his body covered in sweat… “ARGHH…Fuck …FUCK! FUCCCCKK!!” Mart gets up out of bed, shattered and falls slowly to his knees then slumps to the floor.

Friday, September 11, 2009

post 8: Black, white & grey

**Martko Sits on his balcony overlooking the ktox building. Rain thunders down onto the streets below, he looks out over the dull grey city, he closes his eyes as the bell from the church is heard in the distance**

“WELCOME TO TOXIA CITY” I remember it like it was yesterday, the fat ferry captain ringing out our arrival to the island, I remember holding the picture of my wife and daughter in my hand and hesitating at the top of the ramp. I remember taking my first breathes of toxian air, I remember walking the streets, I remember the thumping beat of the haven and I remember her voice... “Hello...” that’s all it took I stopped and turned around and there she was, Pestilence Magic, white hair, killer smile and kind as anything you like. She showed me around, she made me feel welcome. A lot of things happened to me when I first arrived, my daughters birthday came about and I tried to kill myself. Dark times, I felt strangled she was there for me through all of this, and she knows how I feel, she is the ONLY shadow id lay my life down for. The ONLY Shadow.

Dear Diary,

I awoke today to hear commotion in the street, something was happening between the Ryders and the prowlers, I jumped down and listen in, nothing interesting happens apart from picket threatening Quiet, so I decide to go for a nap. I lay my head onto my pillow and drift away to the land of nod. My dreams are vivid nowadays, being held on my knees as the gang; beat my wife and daughter to death in front of me. The helplessness, the rage, what if this … what if that… IF I had, had the powers of the lycan the evening would have gone differently.. My dreams are black and white, like a macabre old Hollywood movie. I dream about Cramps, being strapped to a table, something forced into my mouth, being hit over and over with electricity, the sick twisted nurse who like to ‘play’ with kittens during this. My dreams are vivid diary, so vivid I wake up screaming. After another nap I get up and decide to clear my head with a walk,

I walk through the city and find Dee by the Ryders garage, she looks pale I ask her whats up and she says she hasn’t fed for days, I asked her if she wanted to feed and she accepts the offer I let her feed and then go on my way.

Upon arriving at the church Jules and Tora are there, jules starts talking about how Pieter was trying to get into her head, I tell her when he does that to focus on something else, then I start singing I need a hero by Bonnie Tyler. She gets uncomfortable when I start dancing with Tora and leaves, me and Tora continue to dance and have fun, Pix arrives, then Blue and then finally Pieter. He talks to pix about her rape in the pit, and how he and blue watched on. Blueray … Again... I can’t go a fucking day with out seeing her, ive decided im going to make a conscious effort to not see or speak to her tomorrow, i offer them drinks and food, they decline saying were retarded, yeah were retarded they’re the ones that keep coming over to start stuff with us. I really don’t understand Blueray Darkes, but quite frankly, I don’t care, she stays out of my hair, ill stay out of hers, but I feel something will come to pass between us, Gaia mentioned something to me when I was in reverie with her, she said ‘Be Careful of the Cyber Blueray Martko…’ Cryptic as ever … she knows whats coming and it pisses me off sometimes that she doesn’t tell me so I know. But Whatever I do as im told.

But tomorrow is Friday and the start of the weekend, who knows that tomorrow will bring eh?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post 7: The pebble....

Dear Diary,

Today I slept in late, I wandered into the church and one of the new crusader, was in the confessional, all I hear is a familiar voice whisper ‘just gimme a sign’ so I decided to play gods hand and give her the sign she desires, I knocked on the door and said ..’Is everything alright?’ you know how I do all macho and badass like, it was jules the crusader who was in the pit that I went to get out. I think that was the sign that she needed. People wonder why demons and vampires are in the righteous, its simple. They have a soul, conscience, heart these are the things that set them apart from the base desires that fill other demons and vampires in the city, in a word … humanity. I went into the pit to save her life, or stop her pain whatever, but its like a pebble being dropped into a still pool, the waves and ripples will eventually spread across the surface, that day was my pebble.

So I finish up at the church and try out my new ‘lowboy’ bike, im shaky, im not a rider, but I give it a go, its fun… but not my thing. I love Rushing through the air, running along the roof tops, feeling free, not hindered at all... It’s nice having the comms out to be honest cuz I don’t get interrupted while im free running. Fuck…. Just the feeling diary watching the people below you as you leap from building to building, makes me feel alive.

So I go into the Haven, and some of the Righties are there chilling and some of the TC too, I see the infamous Blueray(AGAIN) but she’s busy so I leave and head to the apartments, I stand on the corner, hands held out, my mask allows me a distilled view of the city once per day, I can see the vibrations of the city it’s a glorious sight, watching the echoes of footsteps dance through the air, its like a fire works display a glorious never-ending fireworks display.

Teshenta Martko Swords, Berile ta mek dis senta fortesh nek lamenshia tarey nalek shaaar

I sometimes hate that, Gaia just jumps into me and takes over, like that little message above, who knows what it means……..

So I Text Blueray with a SMS, asking her to meet me at the apartment roof, im there waiting for her to get her metallic arse into gear, I just watch the pit, normal building 2 entrances in and out, hot in there too from what I remember, my skin crawls just looking at it, like a fucking stain on the landscape mocking me with its near indestructible family within. What the fuck is a SHADOW DEMON….ill have to find out maybe the library…… Anyhow Blueray appears, we talk she tells me how people of this City don’t want to be saved at all, its bullshit diary, absolute bullshit, people in this city do want to be saved, ive seen the glimmers in peoples eyes people who have been fucked … over and over by this and that. Its back to the pebble, it takes just one and you are cooking on gas. I get an update on the comms system and give blueray a drink, she scans it , I cant help but smile inside, like id stoop to poisoning or drugging her, no, id just kick the living nanites out of her. Anyhow she tells me of a priest once that was like me, that she made fall, I don’t think she realises that its not going to happen with me, not on your fucking nelly…….. Toxia needs ….

--there is no more on this page, and there is a abrupt line coming from the S as if something was heard outside and he had to go quickly.--

Post 6: RAGE!

Dear diary,


**There would be other words but obviously the page has be torn by excessive heavy pen strokes… and a blot of in that looks like a pen has been broken on the page…--***

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Post 5 : 2 - 4 - 1 and shadowy church visit

Dear diary,

I missed a day, but fuck it nothing much happened that day, same ole shit different day. Our communications got knocked out that’s about all for yesterday. I was also made a knight of the righteous, after the way I handled the negotiations yesterday. i am excited as it means more responsibility for me, but yeah its all gooooood. **smiley face**

Today was a bit more upbeat, I went down to the fish co. today to get the Righteous Radio set that I had left. Joenta hit me and ax with some strange light and said of the next few days that we’ll shrink. Yay! Another great start to another fine week. So anyhow, Kaira Diesel was there, and she was pleasant, ACTUALLY pleasant… I suppose me making sure the prowlers had some back up and were ok on the Full moon, went a long way towards it, to be honest diary between me and you, I enjoy the snipe comments she sends my way, keeps my brain honed, but whatever it was nice ……

After much fun and giggles at the Fish. Co. I went back to the apartment, there were three strangers on my balcony, I’m not one for being mean so I asked them what they were doing apparently they were new to the city, so I explained to them and then left happily. Just as they left Pesti landed and we had a little chat, its nice talking to her, being close its nice, ive known her since before we were both affiliated, in fact I believe she was the first person I spoke to off the boat.

So I say goodbye to Pest and leave for my meet with Blueray… That fucking name again, I mean look she’s been mentioned on the last four blasted pages, sigh. Righteous Comms went down, and we were having a meeting to try and sort them out, have the TC build us a system. So Blueray of course wanted an apology for being magnetised to the cross, well no BLUE that’s bullshit, in my honest opinion we had nothing to be sorry for, and quite frankly it was a selfish request, she wanted nothing for her bots just something for her own satisfaction, so I decided right there and then to ignore her requests and offer her something useful… training for her family, her new family. She said that everything would be ready for Sunday. But we’ll see. I don’t think anyone knows I used to work on the mainland in a science and weapons research facility, so ill check out the comms when they’re installed.

That fucking bitch kahlen was there, we had a blazing argument in the street, diary I hate her for what she did to me, she nearly took my life, I was hanging on by a hairs thread, and all she can come up with was I was out of my mind… its all about control but what would she know about control, about loss… fuck it she wants to see the wolf in me … she is going to … trust me… shes finished. GRRRR I cant believe … fuckit.

So I went to the mainland and came back to find the church stacked up with shadows, I really fucking hate those guys, always busting into the church, slapping they’re lips together trying to talk its boring…. It’s old…. And it’s pure Bullshit. Sometimes I just wish I could do what they do to us… walk up into the pit and show them, but hey my families small, and wouldn’t really stand a chance.

Pix took over as leader last night in a blur of blurriness, its good; I like pix and ill follow her to hell and back, which with the shadows is a high possibility. Let’s just hope we don’t have too.

Nivea’s been acting strangely since yesterday, she has been acting more evil… more primal, I don’t know diary, the amount of righteous that give up its quite scary, slipping into the darkness is easy in tox, it takes all my energy not too, I hope niv….understands that .. I…. **there are a load of dots here but the sentence isn’t completed**

Till tomorrow my papery friend


Blueray :Welcome to the darkside.

Martko: Lawlz…. That was completely OOC *grins*

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Post 4: Cusader Negotiations.

**Strangely there is a page torn out the only word that is left on the reminence of the page is the word Bagel Sau..... **

Today was an fun-filled affair, I took to training my poor poor combat skills on the dock with niv, esso and simonv. It was good and learnt a lot today. Training finished and we moved on, me and Niv had another moment, they seem to be happening more and more.

After a long earned nap I awoke and headed on up to the roof of the apartments, here I found my bro Rage, he was pissed apparently some one had blindsided him. While he was praying. Anyhow I spy Nel down at the bottom of the pit stairs and leap down to see what is up, one of the crusaders had been captured and was being tortured in the pit.

My Family are ready to bring the fires of heaven down on the place, but I tell them to calm down and take control of the situation, I walk in with Nel, Pieter, Blue, Jason and some New guy are there torturing Jules. I begin my ramblings trying to negotiate the crusaders return, Blueray moves behind me and touches my back, I really wish she wouldn’t touch me. She chimes in every so often with completely irrelevant shit but we continue, I’m sworn in to some star wars faction, and Pieter just comes out with it “Give me pilgrim.” Errr no you twat, why don’t you change the fucking record? That Demon needs some GOOD porn and about 30 minutes with some baby oil and some tissue, that should sort him.

Well Nel offers herself to save Jules, so I take the crusader outside and call one of tthe righties outside to heal her. The current knight squad swing into action and nel is out, not a thank you to me for co-ordinating it all, but she hugs her sister..and screams out thanks to her, guess I don’t get the thanks…fuck em that’s what I think....... safe.

OOC moment :
Blueray: Martko
Martko : Sup?
Blueray: have you updated.
Martko: errr no its 5:45 in the morning!
Irl : Marko shakes his head and shuffles into the bathroom.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Post 3: Full Moon

**The Handwriting on this page is very forced, as if it has taken great effort to write.**

Dear diary,

Too day was the full moon and i have had no end of fun.... NOT.   Lets take it from the top shall we, i was walking the streets of Tox and went to the alleyway between haven and the TV shop, walking through guess who i spy, Lumi, i dont know why i stopped, she's a shadow and a person who i REALLY hate but something compelled me to do so, anyway we talked.  She raved about seeing the true me the night i killed her, about how im no better then the rest, im not a monster, im not a monster, im not a monster, im not a monster, im not a monster, im not a monster, im not a monster, im not a monster, im not a monster, im not a monster, im not a monster.  Is that enough ? Want some more ? I dont have to justify what i did and wont, not to anyone including you diary, suffice to say me and her have issue and somewhere down the line shes going down... she had the nerve to say i should join her... yeah in a pigs eye.

So i saw niv today, funny the thing me and her have, theres a tension there who knows what it is, but she doesnt half go on.  I decided to have some fun so i took her to one of the rooms in the shelter we had a moment.  I got a bottle of ordinary water and poured it onto my hand.  Its the first time ive seen somethign other then cockyness in her eyes, i dont know what happened with her and holy water but it looked to scare her i felt bad she disappeared off and i was left to my own devices.

I got the wolfsbane vial from Bohny Just before i started my set in the Ktox HQ, Tora was there, Blueray and my boy Dent, poor guy, hes having some problems with his family hope everything gets straightened out hes a good guy.  So i DJ and at the end Calleigh Constantine comes in to take over by this time the moon sings to me, i cant concentrate, i worry about if the bane is going to work or not all of a sudden i start to change, Tora injects me while Calleigh restrains me with magic, thank god it worked. Calleigh constantine, people tell me not to trust her, they say she stab you in the back, but from what i have seen she is very trust worthy, she gave me the wolfsbane, she helped with with being restrainied during my change.  Who knows i dont know her enough to Judge.

BLUEEEEEERAYYYYY, that woman, i asked her to meet me after i DJed, i wanted to see if she was ok after the magnet incident.  I like blue, not in a 'i want to hump you all night long way' but in a 'ah your cool' kinda way, shes not like the others, she discusses her shit and knows when to and not to involve the family, the feeling isnt mutaul i reckon, Shed probably tear my spine out if given the opportunity.. meh.

So anyhow, i co-ordinate a kick ass defence plan, for the full moon, youd think my family could execute it, but no instead they brawl in the streets and nel is greivously wounded... whatever. Anyhow so the wolves attack, and Kahlen Tears off my arm, Diary...i saw them, as i lay there, broken, in the street bleeding the voices of my friends became quieter and quieter, and theyre voices my baby and darling wifes became louder and louder, my regen had been affected by the bane, my aggrivated wound wouldnt seal wouldnt stop, i was tossed around like a rag doll i remember dumped on a hospital bed, as my friends and family raced to save me, question is diary, did i want to be saved, profound statement right there... Did. i. want. to. be. Saved.  did i want to come back to a world town that is so dark and so fucking twisted that it eats at my very soul just breating this god damn fucking toxic air. have a guess. So i lived, i wokeup to pestilence, Tora, nat, aeries, collin all around me. but there was only 2 people i wanted to see.

i hate the full moon.

Post 2 : Shhhhhhh jerrys on.

Dear Diary,

Today was a strange one, most of it was a blur, i remember finding myself in the haven, with lots of people around, Joenta covered in glowing lights and rave gear, i remember my feet hurt.  They were hurting me as i stood in the red glow of the lights of the Haven.  I vaguely remember sitting around the shelter TV room, it was packed, for some reason we were shushing people as they came in and watching Jerry springer, oh and Lesbian vampire slayers from mars.  Any how not much happened today, just preparing myself for the full moon and the shits and giggles ill be having there in.

Not much to say else Diary, So ill catch you tomorrow.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Post 1

Dear Diary,

I found myself in the church today, saw that there was a crowd outside so i investidated. Blueray was waiting for Shea to show and she had brought back up, it always makes me laugh, how the city seems to dance to the beat of the shadows.

It has always irked me that were supposed to be the good guys yet were treated like the bad guys, scum and bible bashers. Fuck it. Stupid mother fuckers. So the Blueray situation is sorted albeit somewhat slopily, she gets put on the cross, seeing her up there was funny for me, shes always the big I AM, its good to see her knocked down a peg or two.

Blueray.... that fucking name... just constantly popping up over and over...this past few weeks....The cyber want back in the shadows its absolutely untrue, always hanging on pieters arm, its almost sad for me, she has potential diary she really does but as she herself as said, and im paraphrasing here.. "shes too far gone..". Nothing i can do, so i wont even try.

So my set on Ktox was eventful, another attempted blowjob from Joenta, A fight in the DJ booth with her, then............... fuck it diary. The second most darkest moment in this fucking city, friends people you trust and you goto for help, turning on you showing you theyre dark side. I lost something tonight.... **the few words before run slightly where his tears have impacted the paper..** I lost something, i lost my will to save this city, what am i fighting for ? What or who needs to be saved? I can still hear that fucking prowler kairas Geers and calls, and lumi.....fucking lumi.. In my darkest moment i was alone, no friends, no help just me in the darkness.

Im done.

**martko closes his diary and places it away**

My Diary

**you see a book that is completely black, embossed in silver on the front you see the words 'Diary'**

This is martko swords diary, it is hidden in world somewhere and can be found out, this is an IC blog and the only way your toxian character can know whats in here is by finding the diary in game.