Friday, December 4, 2009


**Martko Awakes in the hospital, bound to the table with thick leather straps, in the corner of the room a tall woman leans, wondrous silver hair, a brilliant sliver gown she stares at the wolf as he slowly comes too**

Lunar walks up to Martko and smiles “Ahhh Martko...” she walks around him looking at him, up and then down. “One of my best children, yet every month you deny me” Luna’s eyes sparkle they’re silver surfaces glisten and twinkle as she looks at him. “You listen to my sister Gaia, she uses you as her champion, but I have decided for one night your going to be free. You goto great length to cage yourself Martko Swords….” She runs a gentle finger down his face.

Martko Thrashes around in the straps, his body straining against the magically enhanced bindings “What the heck do you want from me !?!” he jerks from side to side but there is no give at all, he looks up at luna and growls …”Let. Me. Go…………” his chest flushes red as his anger starts to build.

Luna giggles manically and grins watching the wolf struggle “Such fire, such passion ….such a fine creation “she leans down next to his ear and whispers “It was a waste, you being a feline …. Im glad Kahlen had the urge to change you…” she puts her fingers to her lips and muses a moment ...” now... I wonder where she got that urge from eh?” Luna grinned again and then bent of and licked the wolfs cheek “Unfortunately you don’t dance to my beat…. But Gaia is indisposed” she finger walks up the wolfs chest as the fingers touch his skin dark hair sprouts and vanishes as the finger leaves.

“Luna, don’t do this” Martko looks at luna tears welling up in his eyes “you don’t understand what I go through to stop this, I cant lose control.” He summons all of his strength an roars as he tries to pull his arms off to table, to snap his bonds and escape. The roar resonates around the hospital.

Luna smiles “shush now it is time my beautiful child, it is time.” Her hand begins to glow as she places it on Marts chest. “There is no escape, champion of Gaia…. Guardian of the Righteous. There. Is. No. escape….” With that there is an explosion of moonlight that rips through the hospital.

Martko looks down at his chest as the moonlight pours into him in streams, he opens his eyes the green in them shatters as they go white … “no… no… nOOoooOOWWLLLL” marts body starts to bubble, his skin starts to tear, the bond finally give under the transformation as the medical table gives way underneath him, he gets onto his knees and slams his fists over and over into the floor as his transformation completes, he snaps his head to the corridor as luna leans up against the wall looking at him he erupts to wards her ready to attack. Luna merely raises 1 finger and says ‘Stop’ the massive wolf skids to a halt and presses his snout into the floor in a very low bow. ‘goood boy….now Martko… you have 4 hours … four hours of ..” she pauses a moment as she walks past him running her hand through the silver streak of fur on his back …” Freedom..” with that Mart leaps through the doorway and bounds off down the corridor. Luna looks around ‘There. Its done… I don’t like doing that to him… but we are now done…”. As luna looks around 2 deep purple eyes glow and vanish.