Friday, July 30, 2010

New Entry : Fragile flesh

Torture.  Seems to me that this is what this island revolves around, Kidnap, torture, rape.  There are calming moments in the storm where everything is good.  Me and Cass had a party for the righteous at our apartment, it was fun... seeing my family relaxed, having fun away from the outside world is good.  Heck Pilgrim was in lingerie, that in itself is worth it.

Some news since i wrote in here last, i am now the second in command of the righteous, it is good i can watch over them the way i have always wanted too.  But as spidermans uncle said 'with great power comes great responsibility' i was summoned to the pit.  I say summoned Drake requested i deliver a righteous to them for atrocities against the shadows.  HE knew i wouldnt send any of my flock. The only person who knew i was there was Ame, i went alone and the shadows had theyre way.  My eye was torn out arms broken and i was stiched together roughly.  They left me under the apartments where i was found by Tanpopo, a wolf shot me with silver there was a scuffle but in the end i got back to the apartment and started the long healing process.

Tanpopo....Shes had a colorfull history, being piets pet, being turned by us to the righteous, dieing becoming an angel... She doesnt know it but she has my respect, Good girl that one.

Ever since my torture, ive been locked away i havent ventured far from my apartment, my regen has been taking longer then normal to fix me.  I feel Strange....So strange... The constant thrum of my heart beat in my head... im changing....voices.... whispering in the dark......


**The Camera pans out as kos diary is on the floor, Martko Staggers to the bathroom laboured breathing clutching his arm, he walks up to the the bathroom mirror and takes off his bandage over his eye, the wound begins to bubble and broil as the skin that has sealed over it, melts away, Ko grips the edge of the wash basin as two figures appear behind him and look at each over .... Luna begins 'Sister we have been told by the pantheon not to meddle again, i do not want to see mart tortured again' Gaia looks at her sister resolutely as she responds 'To qoute the mortals luna FUCK the pantheon' with that they both reach to ko and one each take a grip of his shoulders There is a roar that ripples throughout the whole of south as Ko is cast in a Brilliant light... the scene shifts Ko is on the floor his eyes snap open as he rises slowly to his feet he looks at his hands just as silver and green veins of power fade he looks at the mirror ...' wheres seifer..'

fade to black.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

post 1 - New but old

Dear Diary,

Well im back, the city hasnt changed much still as dark as ever, joenta is now the leader of the coven, this is amazing and scary at the same time, the coven before were nice... ish... but they have took on a brutal edge now.  They bust into the bar the otherday and kidnapped me, one of theyre flock proceeded to break my jaw with her boot.  Strange apparently i had called them out.  I hadnt i was just being playfull, but hey what can you do all through our friendship ive been hurt, chased and harrased by her all my toxian life.  But for all the bad when she looks at me with those eyes, something changes the beast somehow weakens... i dont know maybe ive grown soft on the demon.

Lots of new faces in toxia too, Cassandra, Daston, Emilie, Needles all new people to meet and greet and have adventures with.  Lots of old faces have gone....Too many to mention but theyre memory lives on and the times we had are never forgotten.

Had some fights, spun some tunes, made some friends, made some enemies productive week so far :)

till next time

Peace out diary

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hero reborn.

*The scene begins as the camera pans through the streets of toxia, a familiar Ktox dj theme plays over the scene as the camera winds through the streets, various citizens are seen and a voice begins*
The was darkness where i was, a broiling cold clamy darkness, i was placed on trial by the deities i fought for found guilt of medling and punished for it....
*the camera pans up to the top of the apartments a lone figure stands his coat blowing in the wind as he watches the city*
The angel had promised me that she would be there in my darkest times, but she wasn't those i held dear didnt know what was happeneing to me.  I thourght my family had turned its back on me... but they hadnt
*the camera pans up the wolfs body as tears stream down his cheeks*
I have returned and the city is different but the same, Old friends gone as well as old enemies too.... people i have known changed for the worse...
* the camera pans over to the pit as Dom stands on the steps*
My path is clear.... i have awoken .... the darkness is gone.... i have returned.
*the figure throws back his head and arms and roars into the sky scene fades to a black screen and white writing*
Hero. Reborn.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Timeless regret.

**The Camera pans through the streets of toxia, a gust of wind blows open the doors a green vanquisher blade is laid on the alter a vine wrapped around it on the blade is etched an inscription, as a hand gently runs the length of the blade**

'My brothers and sisters, remember we are heroes'

Fade to black.

Friday, December 4, 2009


**Martko Awakes in the hospital, bound to the table with thick leather straps, in the corner of the room a tall woman leans, wondrous silver hair, a brilliant sliver gown she stares at the wolf as he slowly comes too**

Lunar walks up to Martko and smiles “Ahhh Martko...” she walks around him looking at him, up and then down. “One of my best children, yet every month you deny me” Luna’s eyes sparkle they’re silver surfaces glisten and twinkle as she looks at him. “You listen to my sister Gaia, she uses you as her champion, but I have decided for one night your going to be free. You goto great length to cage yourself Martko Swords….” She runs a gentle finger down his face.

Martko Thrashes around in the straps, his body straining against the magically enhanced bindings “What the heck do you want from me !?!” he jerks from side to side but there is no give at all, he looks up at luna and growls …”Let. Me. Go…………” his chest flushes red as his anger starts to build.

Luna giggles manically and grins watching the wolf struggle “Such fire, such passion ….such a fine creation “she leans down next to his ear and whispers “It was a waste, you being a feline …. Im glad Kahlen had the urge to change you…” she puts her fingers to her lips and muses a moment ...” now... I wonder where she got that urge from eh?” Luna grinned again and then bent of and licked the wolfs cheek “Unfortunately you don’t dance to my beat…. But Gaia is indisposed” she finger walks up the wolfs chest as the fingers touch his skin dark hair sprouts and vanishes as the finger leaves.

“Luna, don’t do this” Martko looks at luna tears welling up in his eyes “you don’t understand what I go through to stop this, I cant lose control.” He summons all of his strength an roars as he tries to pull his arms off to table, to snap his bonds and escape. The roar resonates around the hospital.

Luna smiles “shush now it is time my beautiful child, it is time.” Her hand begins to glow as she places it on Marts chest. “There is no escape, champion of Gaia…. Guardian of the Righteous. There. Is. No. escape….” With that there is an explosion of moonlight that rips through the hospital.

Martko looks down at his chest as the moonlight pours into him in streams, he opens his eyes the green in them shatters as they go white … “no… no… nOOoooOOWWLLLL” marts body starts to bubble, his skin starts to tear, the bond finally give under the transformation as the medical table gives way underneath him, he gets onto his knees and slams his fists over and over into the floor as his transformation completes, he snaps his head to the corridor as luna leans up against the wall looking at him he erupts to wards her ready to attack. Luna merely raises 1 finger and says ‘Stop’ the massive wolf skids to a halt and presses his snout into the floor in a very low bow. ‘goood boy….now Martko… you have 4 hours … four hours of ..” she pauses a moment as she walks past him running her hand through the silver streak of fur on his back …” Freedom..” with that Mart leaps through the doorway and bounds off down the corridor. Luna looks around ‘There. Its done… I don’t like doing that to him… but we are now done…”. As luna looks around 2 deep purple eyes glow and vanish.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Post 22: The deepest of wounds.

Dear diary,

I've fought monsters, ive fought Demons, ive fought vampires ive fought everything.  I have my scars to prove it. The brightest of silver, the most serrated edge couldnt have cut me any deeper then she has.  Ive been tortured for 6 months straight over and over so much so that my very soul is scarred but its nothing compared to what she has done to me.

Lies.... all lies... a fabrication that i so idiotically followed like a little lamb bleeting following the shephard, i mean what the fuck?  Apparently the curse was just an experiment by Calleigh to see how far she could push me.  Strange seems like everyone wants to take me down, watch me fall go mad/insane.  I dont know man,  theres only so much i can take you know, joenta Breaking my wrists, sacrificing Tora. Calleigh experimenting on me these so called friends arent looking very friendly.

You know the shower in the hotel, i love that thing reletivly hot water, a pit of privacy, a massive escape i went there after talking to calleigh, i just stood there letting the water wash away everything a moment of serenity and peace in an other wise non stop life, being a knight, being a wolf constant battle... its good to.  i found my self weak and fell to my knees in there hands against the tiled wall i just couldnt get up, left the water running and leant against the wall.

i dont know...

i dont know...

Story: A touch of destiny Pt 1

**A story im working on, if you want to be included drop me an IM and ill write you in**

**The scene begins on top of the port authority, a figure stands watching the city, he has long white hair, a mask over his eyes and a staff in his hand that is wrapped with vines, his body is pitter pattered with scars and blemishes. He raises his staff and strikes it on the roof. The scene switches to a feline and a human walking up the stairs.

The human begins ‘don’t be nervous the old wolf has a soft spot for felines, he will be fine with you’ the feline girl seems nervous as they ascend the stairs ‘how.. how does he know who I am, ive only just been here a day..’ the human male stops on the stairs ‘ hun, the old wolf makes it his business to know whos who and whats what… don’t worry…seriously..’ the human smiles and they continue, they come out on the roof of the building Martko watches the city but doesn’t turn merely states..’Malcolm, is this the feline I requested to see…’ Malcolm bows slightly ‘yes old wolf’ Martko Smirks ‘ I knew your father Malcolm he gave me that blasted nick name…gaia bless him’ Mart raises a hand and motions the kitten forward she moves with a unfettered grace towards him, ‘child’ Martko begins as he points out with his staff ‘Do you see this piss ridden hole in front of us …. This is your new home….welcome…. my name is Martko and I will watch over you, if there is anything you need or anyone giving you grief let me or Malcolm over there know’ Martko motions with his hand ‘That is all child.’. The Feline blinks a few times and shrugs as she turns, Martko brings his staff up and sweeps her legs from underneath her as she hits the floor mart presses the end of his staff into her chest ‘first rule little one, never turn your back on anyone’ he looks up ‘Malcolm show her the exit…’ Malcolm takes her by the hand and leads her out.

A few moments later Malcolm comes up the stairs as Martko watches the feline leave the port authority… ‘Malcolm Send a team of three to attack her.’ Malcolm looks shocked ‘Mart are you sure’ Martko turns around ‘if we are to know if she is the one the book foretold we need to stress her to the point where her powers will unlock ...’ Malcolm furrows his brow ‘who should I send.. .’ Martko muses a moment ‘Send….. the Elite.’ Malcolms face drops Martko sees this and responds ‘don’t worry Malcolm I will watch her and make sure they don’t hurt her too much but this is …. Destiny old friend…’ with that Martko raises his staff and starts to chant he brings it down on the roof and a green shockwave erupts from it … the scene shifts to the graveyard as 3 figure start to step out of the trees around, look at each other nod and move off into the city…