Wednesday, June 16, 2010

post 1 - New but old

Dear Diary,

Well im back, the city hasnt changed much still as dark as ever, joenta is now the leader of the coven, this is amazing and scary at the same time, the coven before were nice... ish... but they have took on a brutal edge now.  They bust into the bar the otherday and kidnapped me, one of theyre flock proceeded to break my jaw with her boot.  Strange apparently i had called them out.  I hadnt i was just being playfull, but hey what can you do all through our friendship ive been hurt, chased and harrased by her all my toxian life.  But for all the bad when she looks at me with those eyes, something changes the beast somehow weakens... i dont know maybe ive grown soft on the demon.

Lots of new faces in toxia too, Cassandra, Daston, Emilie, Needles all new people to meet and greet and have adventures with.  Lots of old faces have gone....Too many to mention but theyre memory lives on and the times we had are never forgotten.

Had some fights, spun some tunes, made some friends, made some enemies productive week so far :)

till next time

Peace out diary

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