Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hero reborn.

*The scene begins as the camera pans through the streets of toxia, a familiar Ktox dj theme plays over the scene as the camera winds through the streets, various citizens are seen and a voice begins*
The was darkness where i was, a broiling cold clamy darkness, i was placed on trial by the deities i fought for found guilt of medling and punished for it....
*the camera pans up to the top of the apartments a lone figure stands his coat blowing in the wind as he watches the city*
The angel had promised me that she would be there in my darkest times, but she wasn't those i held dear didnt know what was happeneing to me.  I thourght my family had turned its back on me... but they hadnt
*the camera pans up the wolfs body as tears stream down his cheeks*
I have returned and the city is different but the same, Old friends gone as well as old enemies too.... people i have known changed for the worse...
* the camera pans over to the pit as Dom stands on the steps*
My path is clear.... i have awoken .... the darkness is gone.... i have returned.
*the figure throws back his head and arms and roars into the sky scene fades to a black screen and white writing*
Hero. Reborn.

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