Friday, November 6, 2009

Story: A touch of destiny Pt 1

**A story im working on, if you want to be included drop me an IM and ill write you in**

**The scene begins on top of the port authority, a figure stands watching the city, he has long white hair, a mask over his eyes and a staff in his hand that is wrapped with vines, his body is pitter pattered with scars and blemishes. He raises his staff and strikes it on the roof. The scene switches to a feline and a human walking up the stairs.

The human begins ‘don’t be nervous the old wolf has a soft spot for felines, he will be fine with you’ the feline girl seems nervous as they ascend the stairs ‘how.. how does he know who I am, ive only just been here a day..’ the human male stops on the stairs ‘ hun, the old wolf makes it his business to know whos who and whats what… don’t worry…seriously..’ the human smiles and they continue, they come out on the roof of the building Martko watches the city but doesn’t turn merely states..’Malcolm, is this the feline I requested to see…’ Malcolm bows slightly ‘yes old wolf’ Martko Smirks ‘ I knew your father Malcolm he gave me that blasted nick name…gaia bless him’ Mart raises a hand and motions the kitten forward she moves with a unfettered grace towards him, ‘child’ Martko begins as he points out with his staff ‘Do you see this piss ridden hole in front of us …. This is your new home….welcome…. my name is Martko and I will watch over you, if there is anything you need or anyone giving you grief let me or Malcolm over there know’ Martko motions with his hand ‘That is all child.’. The Feline blinks a few times and shrugs as she turns, Martko brings his staff up and sweeps her legs from underneath her as she hits the floor mart presses the end of his staff into her chest ‘first rule little one, never turn your back on anyone’ he looks up ‘Malcolm show her the exit…’ Malcolm takes her by the hand and leads her out.

A few moments later Malcolm comes up the stairs as Martko watches the feline leave the port authority… ‘Malcolm Send a team of three to attack her.’ Malcolm looks shocked ‘Mart are you sure’ Martko turns around ‘if we are to know if she is the one the book foretold we need to stress her to the point where her powers will unlock ...’ Malcolm furrows his brow ‘who should I send.. .’ Martko muses a moment ‘Send….. the Elite.’ Malcolms face drops Martko sees this and responds ‘don’t worry Malcolm I will watch her and make sure they don’t hurt her too much but this is …. Destiny old friend…’ with that Martko raises his staff and starts to chant he brings it down on the roof and a green shockwave erupts from it … the scene shifts to the graveyard as 3 figure start to step out of the trees around, look at each other nod and move off into the city…

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