Friday, July 30, 2010

New Entry : Fragile flesh

Torture.  Seems to me that this is what this island revolves around, Kidnap, torture, rape.  There are calming moments in the storm where everything is good.  Me and Cass had a party for the righteous at our apartment, it was fun... seeing my family relaxed, having fun away from the outside world is good.  Heck Pilgrim was in lingerie, that in itself is worth it.

Some news since i wrote in here last, i am now the second in command of the righteous, it is good i can watch over them the way i have always wanted too.  But as spidermans uncle said 'with great power comes great responsibility' i was summoned to the pit.  I say summoned Drake requested i deliver a righteous to them for atrocities against the shadows.  HE knew i wouldnt send any of my flock. The only person who knew i was there was Ame, i went alone and the shadows had theyre way.  My eye was torn out arms broken and i was stiched together roughly.  They left me under the apartments where i was found by Tanpopo, a wolf shot me with silver there was a scuffle but in the end i got back to the apartment and started the long healing process.

Tanpopo....Shes had a colorfull history, being piets pet, being turned by us to the righteous, dieing becoming an angel... She doesnt know it but she has my respect, Good girl that one.

Ever since my torture, ive been locked away i havent ventured far from my apartment, my regen has been taking longer then normal to fix me.  I feel Strange....So strange... The constant thrum of my heart beat in my head... im changing....voices.... whispering in the dark......


**The Camera pans out as kos diary is on the floor, Martko Staggers to the bathroom laboured breathing clutching his arm, he walks up to the the bathroom mirror and takes off his bandage over his eye, the wound begins to bubble and broil as the skin that has sealed over it, melts away, Ko grips the edge of the wash basin as two figures appear behind him and look at each over .... Luna begins 'Sister we have been told by the pantheon not to meddle again, i do not want to see mart tortured again' Gaia looks at her sister resolutely as she responds 'To qoute the mortals luna FUCK the pantheon' with that they both reach to ko and one each take a grip of his shoulders There is a roar that ripples throughout the whole of south as Ko is cast in a Brilliant light... the scene shifts Ko is on the floor his eyes snap open as he rises slowly to his feet he looks at his hands just as silver and green veins of power fade he looks at the mirror ...' wheres seifer..'

fade to black.

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  1. I wish you were still with the Righteous hell I wish you were the leader of the Righteous too bad for Toxian to lose you