Friday, November 6, 2009

Post 22: The deepest of wounds.

Dear diary,

I've fought monsters, ive fought Demons, ive fought vampires ive fought everything.  I have my scars to prove it. The brightest of silver, the most serrated edge couldnt have cut me any deeper then she has.  Ive been tortured for 6 months straight over and over so much so that my very soul is scarred but its nothing compared to what she has done to me.

Lies.... all lies... a fabrication that i so idiotically followed like a little lamb bleeting following the shephard, i mean what the fuck?  Apparently the curse was just an experiment by Calleigh to see how far she could push me.  Strange seems like everyone wants to take me down, watch me fall go mad/insane.  I dont know man,  theres only so much i can take you know, joenta Breaking my wrists, sacrificing Tora. Calleigh experimenting on me these so called friends arent looking very friendly.

You know the shower in the hotel, i love that thing reletivly hot water, a pit of privacy, a massive escape i went there after talking to calleigh, i just stood there letting the water wash away everything a moment of serenity and peace in an other wise non stop life, being a knight, being a wolf constant battle... its good to.  i found my self weak and fell to my knees in there hands against the tiled wall i just couldnt get up, left the water running and leant against the wall.

i dont know...

i dont know...

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